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taking stock of investments
you're a commodity
personality: the terms and conditions of your use
interests: the futures that will liquidate your skills
your only tangible asset
always market yourself
you, the good to be sold
your mind the pennies and nickels
traded on the floor by the shareholders of power
as they say, another day another dollar
the ticking seconds the compounding interest of your borrowed time
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 0 0
; split my atoms
with your fork-
tongued stabs at soft crevices, folds of the mind
creased as bleached unhung shirts; put your spark
in the fibres, weakly woven by neutral neurons (arachnoid weavers
in a weary web); short them out
with your violent voltage, a potential difference too great
for my rusted wires; flood me over
with your waves of insight intuited, influence
from lunatic gravitation; make me whole
with pieces picked from my twisted path, decades of
branches long decayed; put them in your earth
to grow.
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 1 4
my racecar has a mind of my own;
pumped-up and scrambled-egg --
tasting amphetamine in water --
limbs of the limbic system as withered and unripe as
the toddler forgotten in your car(race
to the next goal). my brain heat-stroked between lines the
lightning-forked cracked skin
splitting the vinyl seat cushions.
my atoms no longer I
in this untranscendent universe
the mind now (dispersed discordant) outside its spectrum
its sparse chords resonate a sonnet inharmonic.
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 1 1
full stop
and again here I am, bleeding
my heart onto these pages while
dry walls crack open, and the crumbling
paint lays leylines where
the seekers and the wanderers
drift wearily along ridges and vales --
the brief eternity of their existence.
and again, the grinning mouth of the past will
swallow our futures whole, just as we
(with salivated lips) long
to devour our children's. gluttonous eyes gaze
hungrily at beauty unborn, lusted luxuries
forming fat under thick skin, yet
unable to insulate from cold without (and cold within).
and again here I am, bleeding
through the fickle fabric, woven
with the hairs seeping from scalps
of dead patriots, figureheads, and scholars:
thin white wisps of dreams undid,
blooming from their sunken, shriveled
rotten heads, rows upon rows of
corpses, gardens of carved wooden boxes
planted with sticks,
steam shovels and hydraulic industrial excavators.
and here, I am
a dot on a page.
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 2 1
1. bound 2. wired 3.
an attracting force bound us in motion,
childlike lust for serrated scars.
a molecular tether devoid of devotion,
i sought the substance but you drank the atoms.
our connection bound with brittle fibers
was severed by time and difference of desire;
i was shell shocked with sorrow from sudden disconnect,
stillborn torn from an umbilical dream.
wired together, you and i:
speaking in glyphs with tongues tied.
perched as stone-faced gargoyles,
we gaze at each other from our ramparts.
never will we connect another way:
our thoughts, blood through electric veins.
conveying emotions in low resolutions.
words through static; paintings through rain.
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 1 3
How I've missed you
my restless thoughts, my only friend.
How much we've shared,
lost, lied to one another.
How I wish I could forget your
paranoid preoccupations.
How I want to ignore your
vicious vitriol.
How I wish that we were
the same, you and I.
How we both wish that we were
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 2 0
degeneration X
slipping through the cracks
go my thoughts
one by two
count to three
I melt away
dissolving slowly
but sure
of my lack
of purpose
of time
of meaning.
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 3 1
died to live
wet life:
   while waters,    weak in seconds,
   wear away years  of rock,
   hearts stiffen   with every
   thoughtless heave;
       a rhythm of  regrets
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 1 0
cutting words
Waiting, on a ship
in the water, frigid
air fills my nostrils;
find no
hope, here in
this desolate sea.
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 1 0
paint the machete red
before skin grows too thick.
ripened hearts don't grow easy
ripened minds too fast to rot.
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 3 2
I, Forget
File away all imperfections,
the dragon is sleeping.
The mother that you never had
lies awake in her bed.
merely seek disconnection,
that all feelings
I could know and never have.
Twist it until it turns red.
all the wretched misdirections,
words unspoken and unyielding,
paint a picture you can never have.
Tie it up, lock it in the shed.
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 1 0
Content in the solitude, but
bound by the stasis, relaxed
by the stillness, but
crushed by complacence.
An illusion of eternity, lies
before my eyes; hell
in my heart, heaven
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 1 0
I woke up in the swamps,
stepped in a watery grave.
I stuck to the murk,
sunk in the struggle
I drowned in the rot.
I arose and found a forest,
trekked the paths
found my way.
I cut through the underbrush,
fought the briers
I fought the snakes.
I stopped to fill my lungs,
exhaled the smoke in my veins.
I watched it disperse like butterflies,
life caught in spirals and currents
I watched it drift away.
I fell in love with the ashes
that fell to the ground.
I fell in love with the ashes
left behind in the urn.
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 0 1
dreams underlying
Screams from another world shriek sonnets,
pain that aches from the heart
and radiates through every part and every moment;
the torment of what could be.
What are the words for what I feel in you?
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 0 0
The Big Conversation
It's the big conversation
that everyone expects
but nobody gets. its ruined
by the silence,
ourselves suspect.
The castles around our hearts
are to blame,
when all the shit we say
sounds the same.
Sound familiar? I'm sure I've said it before.
Its the interesting thoughts we adore;
the things that make us connect,
that we always seem to neglect.
Left to our own devices,
lost in our baseless vices.
Are we alone? Can we not relate?
Wouldn't be able to tell,
cause we've got nothing to state.
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 1 1
a stream of unconsciousness
I eat myself as if I were my words,
every slip of speech a new deformity.
Every mistake a new piece of pain
fitting into a evergrowing puzzle,
a false labyrinth designed for me,
the Architect.
I've got too many tears, that flow out
night after night, new emotions that well up
explode from my eyes and
lacrimate into a world of beautiful chaotic chemistry.
Unexpected reactions take me by surprise,
filled with unknowns that I can't reconcile,
What is it that makes love evaporate?
I'm stuck wondering where I went wrong,
what I could change,
how I've changed,
how I want to change everything for her.
But these are meaningless when the real questions are
What is it that really drives me towards
being in love with someone, once discarded?
How long can I keep up this silent act?
while the words expand in my lungs,
all of their pressure pushing on my walls,
their intensity growing
beyond the breaking point.
:iconcakeprophet:CakeProphet 1 3

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lying in your bed
listening to music
talking about everything
love and death and sex
it's spring
inside and outside
watching flowers blossom
from the edges of your sky-ceiling
orange purple and pink
the rain is outside is helping real things grow
we sleep
a mini-death
but we aren't dead yet
we're here now
and that's all that matters
:iconanoddchild:anoddchild 3 11
make sad love
I want to make sad love to you
And feel your warmth around my heart
Locking into place a special embrace
I want to lick the exhaustion from you
And kiss those tear drops away
Filling passion in the tiniest space
I want to make sad love to you
To you and only, only you
:iconlookingglassgirl:LookingGlassGirl 9 7
someday my stomach will burst
we're all a bunch
of almosts
but I'm a monster
with a heart

so saying
he crept
into my skin
(and there he stays)
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 88 109
Rouen Cathedral by justindmiller Rouen Cathedral :iconjustindmiller:justindmiller 102 18
I Will Help You
Know now
float forlorn and say all
   in all that I need
   is something like you.
Destitute of destiny,
something holy knows this isn't
what her best could be.
Shaken, settled by nothing in
         the bastard hands.
I'm too far from your load . . .
—I'm becoming
by the graces of God.
So, stand alone, if you must, but—
sister heal
           your self in our hands, here, home
of our first love, far from any lack of breath.
:iconlasagnabomb:lasagnabomb 6 8
because I know you're...
you mouth
but I'm ready
to try
your own tongue
I'm delighted
you discovered
sex & selfishness
substance(s) & circumstance
excelling at art
excrement & experimentation
exposing your
private parts
I know how
your heart breaks
over the sounds
those empty words make
and everything reminds you
of everything you're not
you're bruised
drowning in booze
and forever in love
with yourself
I get it
give me something real
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 179 311
eyelashes are such lovely, delicate things.
it's a shame when one falls out.
although, after they fall out,
you can use them to make wishes on,
and i suppose, if i were an eyelash,
and i had fallen out, i'd see it as a noble purpose
to take on someone's wish.
if i were an eyelash, i'd do my best
to see that your wish would come true.
anyway, eyelashes are delicate and lovely,
aren't they?
:iconleebeeloves:leebeeloves 5 7
self portrait by YouInventedMe self portrait :iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 5 57 a glorious dream by YouInventedMe a glorious dream :iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 9 38


such a good track

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